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Pippinhill Arts & Crafts Order Form

Please print, complete and send
With your Check or Money Order to:

  A. Fontaine
  1713 Mears Avenue, #2
  Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
  (513) 624-6419

Contact Information

Name:   _____________________________________________________
Street Address:   _____________________________________________________
City/State/Zip:  _____________________________________________________
Email Address:  _____________________________________________________

Order Information

Product Name: Price: Quantity: Total:

Sittng Pretty Kitty$8.50

Computer Kitty$8.50

Three Kitties$10.50

Three Hanging Birds$19.50


Chickadee Birdhouse$24.50

Bird on Twig$10.50

Bluebird Welcome$24.50

SubTotal    $ _________

Shipping & Handling    $ 5.00

(Ohio Residents, please
Add 6% sales tax)

TOTAL    $__________,
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you for your order.